Wing Clipping

by Greg Glendell

(Originally published in Parrots magazine, UK, 2008)

Many parrots still have their wings clipped.  In this article, Greg Glendell explains why clipping is not necessary and may even cause more problems than it can solve.

The flying parrot!  It sometimes comes as a surprise to bird keepers (who may only know parrots in captivity) that most wild parrots are ace-aeronauts.  And they have to be, for one very simple reason: to escape being caught by an equally skilled hawk intent on catching a parrot for food.  Wild parrots who escape such attacks at high speed and can fly with precision in a tightly packed flock are the ones who survive to live another day. 

Behavioural Problems in Companion parrots

by Greg Glendell
Published as “Who’s a Naughty Parrot then?” in Veterinary Times (UK) 18th Feb 2008.

In this article Greg Glendell looks at the most common behavioural problems seen in companion parrots.  Some of the apparent causes of these problems are discussed, as well as the ease with which animals with complex needs can be acquired.  The use of applied behaviour analysis in behaviour modification is also discussed. 

Introduction and general issues.

The sight of a badly self-plucked parrot in the surgery with its owner hoping for some ‘cure’ is all too frequent. 

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