Behavioural problems


It's not always easy being a pet parrot, and things can go wrong. Problems often arise because owners are not told about the bird's full range of needs when they get their bird. Self-plucking, nervousness, biting and screaming for attention are often caused by the bird being frustrated and misunderstood. Unlike most other pets, parrots are not domesticated creatures. And even captive-bred birds need suitable outlets for the wild-type behaviours they will still need to carry out. By providing as many of these opportunities for the birds as we can (or suitable substitute behaviours) and using reward-based training, you can certainly prevent or reduce behavioural problems.

Parrot with Toy

The key to this is keeping your bird's beak and brain busy while also ensuring it is trained to accept some 'requests' from you. Providing destructible chewing toys and foraging toys will help keep your bird occupied and prevent boredom. And by ensuring your bird is trained to step on and off the hand and to fly to and from you and other places when asked, makes it much easier to be with them. Details of training are in all my books and if you need help with specific problems with your bird, just fill in the Consultation page, email it to me today and I'll get back to you with some suggestions to help.