Breaking Bad Habits in ParrotsThis book really is quite different from other pet parrot books.  In addition to easy-to-follow guidance on caring for companion parrots, this is the first pet parrot book which explains how to teach your bird flight requests, so there’s no need for wing-clipping.  

There are details on: 

  • Preventing and solving behavioural problems. 
  • Step-by-step guidance on training and teaching flight requests. 
  • Avoiding problems of moulting and wing-clipping. 
  • Parrot biology. 
  • The different types of ‘pet’ parrots. 
  • Housing for parrots (cages and aviaries)
  • First aid and how to recover an escaped bird.
  • Good healthy diets 

This book is 128 pages, hardback with full-colour illustrations throughout.  

ISBN. 978-1-84286-165-3.

Price: £11.50

To order this book (UK customers only)

For your personal copy, signed by the author just phone Greg on 0844 826 8456 or email him here with your name, postal address and phone number, and the book will be sent to you with an invoice for payment.