Cockatiel Book

This is my latest book.  Cockatiels are often under-rated as companion birds, yet they make excellent pets.  They rarely have the problems commonly seen in other parrot-like birds.  

The book includes details of how cockatiels live in the wild, plus information on their biology and behaviour.  

Owners are advised to allow the birds to exercise by flying and details of how to teach birds the basic flight requests are included.  

 The main areas covered are:

  • Cockatiels in the wild
  • Biology; how they fly, see and hear
  • Housing (cages and aviaries) 
  • Diets and feeding
  • Training, including flight requests
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Overcoming some behavioural problems
  • Health care and first aid.

Price: £8.50

The book is hardback, 96 pages with full-colour illustrations throughout.  It is published by Interpet books in the UK (ISBN 978 1 84286 172 1) and by TFH publications in North America.  Pub.  In 2008. 

To order this book (UK customers only)

For your personal copy, signed by the author just phone Greg on 0844 826 8456 or email him here with your name, postal address and phone number, and the book will be sent to you with an invoice for payment. (includes p&p) made out to “G Glendell” enclosing your name and address and send to the address below.  The book will be sent to you by return post.

The book is available from pet shops and booksellers in most English-speaking countries.